About Grace Yue  


Since 1983, gynecologist both of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine in China.

Author of the Advanced Gynecology in Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine.

Special in male and femal infertility.

Lecturer of TCM Gynecology and Clinic supervisor at the Michener Institute of Applied Health Science, Toronto

Appointed successor of Ministry of Health, P.R.China, award winning research topic on Infertility.

Director of Gynecology Dept.at hospital of Shandong Traditional Medicine University, P.R.China

Grace Yue studied Traditional Chinese Medicine (T.C.M.) at Shandong University of T.C.M. After graduation in 1983, she worked in the Hospital Affiliated with Shandong University in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a gynecologist and instructor. To widen her medical knowledge and provide better services, she spent another three years studying western medicine and techniques in SHANGDONG UNIVERSITY, China.

She then dedicated her career to professional service and education. Grace has treated hundreds of thousands of patients. As a hard working, caring and compassionate doctor. Grace got top honors in her hospital.

In 1991, Grace was appointed the Director of the Gynecology Department of the Shandong Hospital of T.C.M. Based on her research of Gynecological diseases sucn as female and male Infertility ovarian dysfuntion diseases. Dysfunctional uterine bleeding, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Endometriosis, Fibroid, Ovary Cyst, Breast Lumps, Menopause, and Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, she combines Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine and developed advanced techniques for IUI, UVF and Sperm quality. Her treatment results are remarkable. In 1996, she was recognized by the Shandong Province, and the Shandong Science and Technology Association for her outstanding research contribution.

She engaged infertility reserch continuously and awarded Shandong Advance science and Technology for her great achievement on infertility reserch, 1996.

During this time, she also developed special herbal medicine for the treatment of Infertility, Fibroids, Ovary Cysts, Vaginal Thrush, Trichomonas Vaginitis Hemophilus Vaginitis. Grace has had her research published in several high profile medical journals and books.

In 1996, The Ministry of Health,, Shandong Province, P. R. China, appointed Grace as a successor of a renowned Gynecology Specialist Wu Bao Qing. By the end of that year she moved to Australia and was hired as a lecturer and clinical supervisor responsible for Gynecology and Acupuncture at Sydney Institute of T.C.M, where she remained until June 1999.

Grace moved to Canada in 1999. She immediately took a position as a lecturer with the Michener Institute for Applied Health Science in Toronto. She lectured primarily on the subject of Gynecology. In addition, she was the Acupuncture Clinic Supervisor.
Grace's practice focuses on Gynecology, Infertility and Anti-Aging treatments such as Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture, however, she is well versed in all areas of T.C.M. Grace believes strongly in combining both western diagnosis and treatments with eastern T.C.M to ensure each patient receives the very best care possible and effective results.

Grace Yue also practices acupuncture at St. JOHN'S Rehabilitation hospital.

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